Eric Mills

July Featured Artist - Eric Mills

Posted on Monday, July 05, 2021 12:13 PM

July’s Featured Artist is Eric Mills, a singer/songwriter from Brantford. Mills has been singing and playing the guitar since he was twelve years old and made the decision to pursue this interest full-time in 2009.

Mills, like other musicians during the pandemic, has not been able to play any in-person shows but has been able to put out a consistent stream of virtual shows streamed over Facebook Live as well as his YouTube channel aptly named Eric Mills Covers. The pandemic has also allowed him the...

Art supplies on table

June Featured Artist - Barbara Sutherland

Posted on Friday, May 28, 2021 12:25 PM

June’s Featured Artist is Barbara Sutherland, a painter whose artistic forms include acrylic, watercolours, encaustic and plaster. Recently, Barbara has chosen to revisit her passion for encaustic art and has created a home studio specifically designed for this art form. Encaustic, meaning to burn or fuse, is an ancient painting medium first practiced by Green artists as far back as the 4th century BCE. It combines melted beeswax with dry pigment and tree resin. Her most recent encaustic...

Tyler Wilson sings into a microphone

May Featured Artist - Tyler Wilson

Posted on Friday, April 30, 2021 09:13 AM

May’s Featured Artist is Tyler Wilson, a musician from Brantford, Ontario. Wilson has been playing the guitar since he was just six years old and has been performing live music in Brantford and the surrounding area since 2003 both as a solo artist and member of various bands.

Prior to the pandemic, Wilson frequently played in bars and restaurants in Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington and the GTA. Since being forced into lockdown in March 2020, Wilson has missed performing live, but has devoted more...

Taren de St. Croix next to one of her art pieces.

April Featured Artist - Taren de St Croix

Posted on Thursday, April 01, 2021 02:52 PM

April’s Featured Artist is Taren de St Croix, a mixed media abstract artist from Brantford. Born in Sydney, Australia, Taren moved to Brantford with her family in 1972. She completed her degree in Fine Art at the University of Guelph and now owns and operates her own online gallery, Taren Rebecca Fine Art. She began painting abstract paintings with acrylics in 2016 and is best known for her bright colours and engaging movement through textures and shapes.

Growing up surrounded by artists, Taren was...

Miniature, handmade Christmas display.

March Featured Artist - Dawn Bank

Posted on Friday, February 26, 2021 10:19 AM

March’s Featured Artist is Dawn Bank, an oil painter who also specializes in dollhouse miniatures. Bank has been established in Brantford with her home-based business, One Lady’s Art Studio & Gallery, since 2010.

Bank spent the majority of her childhood growing up in Muskoka and Toronto. Bank says, “The thing I love most about Brantford are the numerous amount of trails to wander down. Coming from Toronto, there wasn’t much untouched greenspace to enjoy.”

With an interest in art from a very young...