Nancy Dow, Deliciously Brantford

Discover Brantford’s culinary scene from a local perspective with Nancy Dow from Deliciously Brantford, a blog that showcases all the wonderful things that Brantford has to offer. 

In addition to running the Deliciously Brantford, Nancy is a busy mom and wife who works full-time at a locally-owned business by day, and runs her own artisan business, I Can So Sew That, by night. 

Nancy Dow

Tell us a little about yourself:

I eat out, a lot! With a small family of three and shift work, cooking doesn't happen very often around our house. My approach to my blog, Deliciously Brantford, is simple – I share what I eat. The pictures you see are exactly how it was delivered to me. Nothing is staged. It's my honest, nonchalant, in-and-out opinion on being an average customer that I think my followers enjoy the most. 

Plated food items on wooden table

What are some of your favourite restaurants in Brantford?

This is always the hardest question to answer! Depending on the mood, style of food or even the time of day some of our most visited as a family are:

  • Sammy’s Rec Room – living in West Brant myself, this has been a staple for dinners since the day they opened. The menu is so varied, there’s always something we can all enjoy.
  • Al Dente has a gorgeous patio and never fails to present you with a delicious heaping bowl of pasta and is wonderful for a date night or a fancy but casual dinner with friends.
  • Johnny Greekos is great for a quick stop in for lunch to go or a massive meal for dinner which is usually enough for my lunch the next day.
  • Spool Gourmet Poutine & Mac 'N Cheese is perfect for the poutine pile craving or some deep-fried goodness from their alter ego Spool After Dark.
  • Sociable Kitchen + Tavern has by far the biggest selection of drinks and beers on tap, which goes well with a seat on the patio and some made-in-house pretzels.
  • Stan’s Fries [located on Darling St. in downtown Brantford near the Brantford Bus Terminal, and at Fairview Crossing in the Zehr's plaza] is just a classic Brantford spot. Salt and vinegar, nothing more.

What are some must-visit stalls at the Brantford Farmers’ Market?

I never leave the market without something from Original Kettlecorn & Gourmet Popcorn (usually caramel), cheese from The Tipperary Bog, bacon from Witteveens and always fresh fruits and veggies.

The Brantford Farmers’ Market , 79 Icomm Drive, has been serving customers since 1848. 

Where’s your favourite place to grab a coffee in Brantford?

Coffee Culture, in Harmony Square, is one of my most visited morning stops on my way to work. A hot or iced Vanilla Latte is my usual order along with an Asiago BLT sandwich. It’s conveniently located extremely close to my favourite portion of the trail that runs from the Lorne Bridge, along Gilkison Flats, all the way to Lorne Park, which is filled with scenery that gives off perfect fall vibes with a coffee and stroll along the river. For something a little different, a bubble tea from Moon Tea in Harmony Square is always fun and delicious.

Grab a hot drink and explore 70km of trails that wind along through the city and along the Grand River.

A Coffee Culture coffee cup sitting on a table in Harmony Square


Gin and tonic

Do you have any favourite locally-made beers or spirits?

Manns Distillery has quickly become one of the best spots in town to grab a beautiful and delicious carefully crafted drink. Being a gin lover, the White Tea Gin has a permanent spot on my home bar with the Guava and Rose Vodka right beside it.

Living in West Brant just a few blocks from Sherwood Dr., Mash Paddle Brewing Co. is well-known around our house as well. With lots of popular staples in their line up, I can always go for a pint of Bixels or an Unnamed Pale Ale but the Raspberry Gibb Blonde Ale and Phuket Lemon-Lime Seltzer have made several appearances over the summer.