Cyclists riding through Lorne Park

With over 70km of natural trails, Brantford is the perfect destination for hiking and cycling enthusiasts. The serene Grand River, a designated Canadian Heritage River, weaves its way alongside our beautiful trail system providing the perfect backdrop. Your options are endless as The Hub of Ontario Trails connects you to Hamilton, Port Dover, Cambridge, and beyond.

Trail Access Points

While there are many points in the city in which to access the trails, there are some that are easier to access than others, including:

Visit the main City of Brantford website for more information on our trails, including a map with all of the access points.

Trail-side Attractions

There are many places to stop and see on your adventure along the trail system. Some notable attractions include:

Popular Trails in Brantford
Gordon Glaves Grand River Loop – 15.6km

A popular route to explore Brantford. This loop has access points from multiple locations, offering several options for parking. This is great for a shorter bike ride or a nice long walk. Some sections of the route are paved and the rest would be gravel. A nice large portion of it is right along the Grand River so you can enjoy some beautiful views.

Brantford to Mount Pleasant Nature Park – 17.4 km

Walking or biking this route utilizes the LE&N and TH&B Trails which would meet up right after the Mount Pleasant Nature Park to go all the way to Port Dover if continuing on. This route can start with TH&B trail all the way to Mount Pleasant Nature Park. To make it a full loop, this route takes the LE&N trail back for some different scenery.  Start at D’Aubigny Park for a good sized parking area and seasonal porta-washrooms. The TH&B section is paved and the LE&N section is gravel.

Gilkison Flats – under 5km

A nice small area to enjoy trails by the river. Can be a very short loop or you can take your time exploring the area. Great for a nice hike or walk, or a short bike ride. Parking can be found near the Steve Brown Sports Complex. The main trail can be found towards the trees and the river across the street. This could also be a great addition to make a route longer, as it does overlap with some of the main trails.

S.C. Johnson Trail to Paris – 11km

A route that follows the Grand River to Paris, Ontario. This trail can then continue on the Rail Trail from Cambridge to Paris. The two trail access points in Brantford include:

Brantford to Hamilton Rail Trail – 32km

A fully gravel trail. This route starts in the east end of Brantford and goes all the way to Hamilton. The route can also be extended more into Brantford continuing on the trail going west. There are a few different points on the trail that is recommended to start this route. Depending on where you start it could vary the distance slightly. The main trail access points in Brantford include:

  • Mohawk Park – Washrooms available
  • Beach Rd.
  • Greenwich St.
Major Trails Systems

There are several trail systems that travel through Brantford, with many sections being part of the Trans Canada Trails. Some of the key routes in Brantford include:

  • Brocks Route – This trail travels all the way from Port Dover to Hamilton, making its way through Brantford. This is the route Sir Isaac Brock took during the War of 1812.
  • LE&N Rail Trail – Following the former LE & N Electric Rail Car route, this trail comes through Brantford and continues on through Mount Pleasant and all the way to Port Dover.
  • TH&B Rail Trail – On the former path of the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Rail Line, this trail goes from Brantford to Mount Pleasant and links with the LE&N trail all the way to Port Dover.

Trail Mix

Explore Brantford’s beautiful trail system while listening to curated playlists by local artists with Trail Mix, a new program from Tourism Brantford. Trail users can look for the Trail Mix signs posted on the kilometer markers along the Hardy Rd. trail entrance spanning 10 kilometers to the River Road/Dike Trail intersection.

Using your smartphone, scan the QR codes on each sign to gain access to free curated albums featuring three songs per playlist, performed by 21 local artists in a range of musical styles. Residents and visitors are invited to explore Brantford’s beautiful trails while listening to the sounds of local artists and share their experience on social media using the hashtag #BrantfordTrailMix.